Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Juliana Dever moved to Los Angeles where she began her life as a professional actress, producer, world traveler and rescue-dog lover. As an actress, she is best known for her recurring role the last 5 seasons on the ABC series Castle as Jenny Ryan, with art imitating life as she plays the TV wife of her real-life husband, Seamus Dever, aka Detective Ryan. Juliana has also appeared on stage, in film, as a TV host and on other television shows including Criminal Minds and Scandal.  An avid traveler, Juliana is currently developing a show encouraging Americans to get out there and discover the planet.  At this count, she’s traveled to 5 continents, 48 countries and hundreds of cities, regions and islands – all with an irrational fear of flying! She lived for a short time in Russia where she studied acting with the Moscow Art Theatre, and on a small Greek island where she lead a mostly all-Greek cast while shooting an independent film.  She’s also baguette-deep in learning to speak French, mais oui!


Juliana is a proud ambassador to Best Friend’s Animal Society, helping to open no-kill shelters across the US and also works with Farm Sanctuary and Stray Rescue of St. Louis, a brave organization dedicated to saving the lives and curbing the problems that are a result of some 30,000 strays that roam the streets of her hometown. After rescuing their second beagle they both became supporters of Beagle Freedom Project’s efforts to free beagles used in harsh and unnecessary testing of beauty products.  She’d like to ask everyone to stop putting shampoo in their eyes, ok?